Russian lessons for all levels: Tutorial

Our teach-yourself course includes more than 100 Russian language lessons with which you can learn Russian grammar (including Russian alphabet), improve your vocabulary, practice your reading and listening skills.

I have been teaching Russian for the English speakers and English for the Russian speakers for 14 years already. During my teaching practice I came across with a lot of people capable to study language by themselves. They were motivated and self-disciplined. All they needed were suitable and clear techniques. Such as this tutorial is. I used my personal experience and knowledge of the generations of my teachers in it. It is suitable for those who want to start discovering Russian from the beginning and for those who know the language and seek to understand its individual aspects

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This course is for you if you are:
- going to visit Russia
- going to get education here
- not mind to improve your Russian

Tutorial consists of

handbook, grammar exercises and audio files recorded by a native Russian speaker. Altogether it covers basic Russian phrases and necessary vocabulary. It gives you a hand to introduce yourself, navigate in different situations, resolve problems you may have to deal with: getting your passport and visa, exchanging your money, dealing with the police.

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Russian grammar

Lessons dedicated to some of the crucial points of the Russian grammar. In each lesson we take a specific topic and explain it with examples. Every lesson comes with an audio file recorded by a native Russian speakers.

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Russian phrases

We offer you to learn interesting Russian phrases and expressions. A few examples for the each phrase will help you to understand how the phrase is used. The audio files for the "Russian phrases" are recorded at three different speeds: slow, adapted and normal.

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Interesting tests

Russian verb conjugation

Russian vocabulary building

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Why it works?

This combination of exercises and nutrition has been producing results for past 6 years.
Training duration average 50 mins.

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